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Client's Corner

Celebrating our Client's Passions and Interests

Our passion is helping our clients achieve financial freedom to pursue their goals and ambitions. 

At Corsalus, we place a very high importance on our clients' loving their lives, including all areas that bring them joy.  As such, we want to highlight some wonderful passions and joy-inducing areas that some of our clients are doing with their time.

If you are a client or know of a client that would be willing to be featured on our Client's Corner page, please send a brief description of the client's hobby and contact information to Liz at [email protected] Thank you!


Alan Jirik doesn’t view his time spent raising butterflies as work. “It’s too much fun to be work!” he chuckles.

Alan has been raising butterflies for over fifty years!  As a young child back in the 1960’s, he and his friends enjoyed catching and collecting butterflies.  A parent of one of his friends took time to show the boys how to raise and release butterflies instead of catching them for their collections. He credits that interaction to a lifetime interest in raising and releasing butterflies including over a thousand monarchs - and loving every moment of it.

Alan’s hobby has turned him into a great source of information, and he has spoken about his work with butterflies at schools, garden clubs and  other groups.  Raising butterflies also ties nicely into his love of  gardening not only for butterflies, but hummingbirds as well.  He is actively working at his church to start a garden with the intention of providing produce for food pantries as well as adding some milkweed plants for the butterflies to enjoy.

In answer to the question, “What is your favorite thing about butterflies?” Alan remarks, “The stunning colors. Each butterfly has unique and often dramatic coloration that is awe-inspiring. Each one is more beautiful than the next”. What a wonderful passion to nurture: butterflies that give us joy with their beauty, and benefit us by pollinating fruits and vegetables we like to eat!

We’re glad to have Alan presenting at Corsalus Group’s upcoming event in May!

Thank you to Alan Jirik for his time and for sharing his passion with us. If you have something you’d like to share in our Client’s Corner, please email Liz at [email protected]