Financial Life Planning

Merging Your Money with Your Life

You may be surprised to hear a financial planner telling you that a “rich” life is about the experiences we have and the people we share them with – not about how much money we’ve accumulated. We at Corsalus Financial call this a life-centered approach. We find that putting the emphasis on what’s most important to you, and tailoring the financial plan to help support you in living that life, gives you a greater sense of urgency about pursuing these goals, and more commitment to keep moving forward towards them. Our conversations focus on how you are “spending” your time and your life, more than on how much money you are saving. You could say we talk about how your life is “performing” as much as how your investments are performing. That’s why we call our approach Financial Life Planning (FLP).

Taking the Time to Dream

Our goal is that our FLP meetings will allow you to step back from the hurried pace of your day-to-day routines, reflect on what’s most important to you, and dream about the life you truly want to live. Our clients often discover long-forgotten dreams that are still alive within them, and new directions that have deep meaning for them. Working together, we can develop action steps to put you on the path towards your financial life plan, and that take into account the “stones-in-your-shoe” that could get in your way. Next, we can develop a financial plan that supports your pursuit of your unique “life-well-lived.”

On the Journey With You

Our ongoing conversations focus on how you’re progressing on your life plan, and how well your financial plan continues to support you on your path. And when life gets in the way – as it will – we identify actions to help get you back on-track and moving in the direction of your financial dreams, feeling that it’s the right path for you, and confident in your ability to pursue your most cherished goals.