Life Planning Case Study

Get Heart Healthy in a New and Meaningful Way!

Are you totally heart healthy? There is considerable emphasis today on eating well, losing weight and being physically fit with a strong heart.  These are all wonderful goals we aspire to, but there is another, often overlooked aspect of wellness that brings strength and vigor to our lives. Just as important as being medically heart healthy, it is also essential to tend to this sentimental core of compassion and understanding and the place which stores our innermost desires.

At Corsalus Financial, we believe that if it’s in your heart, it should be in your plan.  I want to share a client story that warms my heart. The story is about a couple, who after engaging with me in the financial life planning process, is now manifesting and living the lives of their dreams.

The suburban Chicago couple came to our practice as referrals in spring of 2014. At that time, their assets were positioned at various investment firms and they were unsure they would achieve their retirement goals. Like we have done for many of you who have engaged with us, we gathered the necessary data to identify the couple’s starting point and then created a financial plan to assure a path towards financial security in the years ahead.

During the course of the next few years, we reallocated assets, recommended estate planning, monitored their financial plan and positioned them to pay off their mortgage early, which was one of their financial goals.

Along with the monetary pieces, we began discussions about how the financial plan supports a life plan. We talked about their deeper issues, such as prioritizing time for each other and focusing on the things they want to do versus doing those things only when time allowed. They shared many of their innermost thoughts, and the conversation lit the torch for designing a plan that was fulfilling on many levels.

Here, as a result of our on-going life planning work, are a few of the rewarding ways this couple changed their lives and moved forward with their heart’s desires:

For her:

  • She freed herself of physical clutter and possessions that were taking up physical and mental space and energy in her life
  • With fewer distractions and renewed vigor, she was able to successfully launch her editorial freelance business, pursuing her passion for working with writers and entrepreneurs A more flexible schedule allowed her more time to build her relationship with her husband and more time to devote to friends and her community
  • Renewed energy propelled her to engage in multiple travel adventures, including a bucket list dream of visiting Japan with her husband, her favorite person and traveling companion
  • With fewer distractions and more focus on her business, she attended an invigorating professional development conference, making key contacts for growing her client base to include ideal partners She is making a difference in the lives of others with her writing, her unselfish desire to give back and a true devotion to her husband

For him:

  • His focus on creating a healthier work/life balance opened pathways for new adventures with his wife and more quiet time for himself
  • Being attentive to their love of travel, he is planning a fabulous extended trip to Italy later this year
  • Thinking of the wonderful Italian food to come and the familiar cuisines he recently enjoyed with his family has awakened his dormant love of cooking, and he is now creatively experimenting with his culinary skills 1-2 times per week
  • Feeling inspired by the new found balance in his life, he is devoting more time to his service work, making an impact with local and professional organizations that resonate with him
  • He is feeling the best he has felt in a long time and has more energy, which has led him to begin revisiting long treasured activities such as biking and photography
  • He is finding liberty and meaning in time well spent, free from the constant distractions that once plagued him


Together, they are creating a life of design, meaningful to each of them individually and deepening their relationship as a couple. They are living their heart’s desires.

Life planning is really financial planning done correctly by discovering how you truly want to live your life. It’s not a bucket list. It’s a process to design and deliver the life of your dreams.

Manifesting the yearnings of your heart is a life long journey. If there is one step we can take together now to help you begin to realize your deepest desires, what would it be? Let’s get started today!


This article is meant to be general in nature and should not be construed as investment or financial advice related to your personal situation. The case study cited may not be indicative of the results of all clients.  Please consult your financial advisor prior to making financial decisions.  (02/20)