Why Corsalus Financial?

Client Centered

Our Name

Corsalus.  We created this name as a reflection of who we are and what we believe is most important in our work’s impact with you.  The word “cor” is Latin for the words heart and mind.  Our heart is the place where our closest dreams and aspirations live.  When these dreams, in alignment with one’s mind, are uncovered and shared during the financial planning process, we believe it leads to making decisions that are most meaningful.  The word “salus” is Latin for health, well-being, and prosperity.  Through our work with clients, we have found that these are the underlying principles that each person ultimately wishes to achieve in their life.  By working with you in a way that is centered around the things that are most important to you, we seek to ensure that you feel confident in the financial decisions that you make. 

Our Vision

We are a team who strives to make a difference in the lives of our clients, as well as in the community around us. We understand that ‘life is about the moments’ and we value how our clients choose to spend their time.  We work with our clients to uncover and understand the things that are closest to their hearts and that they are most passionate about. After prioritizing these important matters, we collaboratively work with our clients to create a financial plan to help our clients envision and understand how to get there.  And, we remain in their corner to help along the way.  Our goals are centered around enhancing the lives of individuals so they are living their lives to the fullest and feeling confident about the financial decisions that they make.  We not only want to celebrate the accomplishments that happen along the way in our clients' lives, but we also take the time to recognize the ‘little things’ that go on because they sometimes matter the most.

Our Gratitude

We have, and will always have, a deep commitment to our clients and an appreciation for the trusted relationships we share.  We recognize that our clients share such personal details in our work, and we honor the trust you bestow upon us.  We always treat you and your personal information, with respect and dignity.  We know our work is meaningful, and we are privileged to have the honor to serve you in this manner.

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