Financial Planning

Client Centered

If it’s in your heart, it should be in your plan!

This is more than a slogan to us.   We endeavor to have every client engage in financial planning.  After all, how can we give you personalized and sound financial advice if we don’t fully understand your situation and aspirations?

Our Financial Planning Process

We are proud of the process we use with our clients.   We believe you will be proud of the work you do, too!  It begins with conversation.  We want to understand where you are financially and how you arrived there.  We also want to understand where you want to be in the future.  We can help you figure this out, and then help you prioritize your spending and savings plans in an effort to give you the best possibility of success.

Before Your Planning Meeting

The following two documents are available to download and will help you prepare for your financial planning meeting.

Financial Documents Needed
Cash Flow Worksheet