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Corsalus Financial Kids

Corsalus Financial Kids: Helping you to raise your children to be financially confident.

Corsalus Financial Kids is focused on helping parents to instill the proper values around money with their children while also emphasizing that personal net worth is not the same as personal self-worth. Our mission is to help families open the door to new conversations and activities with their kids to provide them the knowledge for future success financially while also encouraging the importance of service and giving back.

To be placed on our email list for more information about our upcoming events and programs, please email with the subject line: Corsalus Financial Kids. Thank you!

Corsalus Financial Kids partners with Kidlist: Activities for Kids

We have been delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Kidlist: Activities for Kids to provide helpful information for you regarding raising financially confident and competent children. If you have topics you would like us to discuss, please email with your suggestions!

Please find links to our current articles that appear on Kidlist below: