Lori Galbraith

Lori Galbraith

LPL Financial Advisor

Lori is a helper at heart, and values the complex and intimate relationships that she has been able to establish with her clients. Lori’s long-term vision and extremely personalized approach focuses wholly on each client’s unique circumstances, while keeping long term goals in focus. She helps clients to understand the power that financial freedom can offer one in pursuing their deepest aspirations.

Lori is excited to join the like-minded team at Corsalus Financial, so that she can utilize the capabilities of all team members to better assist her clients.  She also looks to further expand her opportunities to interact and assist her clients to pursue their financial goals, and realize their dreams. Her client-first approach seamlessly integrates with the rest of the team’s vision.

Lori attended University of Waterloo. She started her financial services career in the banking industry in 2007 in Canada and she had been securities licensed in the US since 2015.  Lori lives in Naperville with her daughter, and her adult son lives nearby while attending fire science programming at College of DuPage. Her hobbies include watching her daughter excel on their local hockey team, and weightlifting. She also enjoys traveling to various state and national parks to hike with her children.